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Re: emacs22 Debian package?

On March 2, 2007 at 9:14AM +0100,
dak (at gnu.org) wrote:

> >> > BTW, I feel Emacs 22.0.94 (pretest version of 22.1) reaches a
> >> > quality for Debian release.  So, please consider that Debian
> >> > emacs22 package will be uploaded soon even though it is not yet an
> >> > upstream official release at the moment.
> >>
> >> That is an excessively bad idea.  Versions 22.0.x are _pretest_
> >> versions of Emacs 22, _not_ an official release.  Releasing an emacs22
> >> package would be _thoroughly_ confusing as long as Emacs 22 is not
> >> released.

The above my comment might confuse you, so I ask you in other words:

Do you really think that uploading emacs22 Debian package at the
moment, testing it in Debian experimental/unstable/testing, and
then including it in Debian stable release Lenny on 2008 or later,
is "an excessively bad idea"?

> > Hmm, how about emacs22_22.1~pretest22.0.94-1_*.deb to clarify the
> > upstream pretest version?
> I don't know about Debian version numbers, so somebody else will need
> to comment.

22.1~pretest22.0.94 is lower than 22.1 and mentions 22.0.94 is a
pretest version of 22.1.  I suggest it instead of just 22.0.94 to
prevent the confusing you said.

> >> What is wrong with the current emacs-snapshot* packages?
> >
> > The emacs-snapshot package is not for Lenny (Etch+1, will be
> > released 2008-2009?), but the emacs22 package is for Lenny.  The
> > emacs22 flavor has not yet been tested in Debian.  We'll try to fix
> > bugs that the packages fails with the emacs22 package for Lenny.
> Emacs 22 will be released in 2007 certainly.  The level of
> release-centred infighting on the Emacs developer list can't rise much
> anymore, and the main holdback is that RMS is still getting all
> possible copyright assignment questions cleared up.

I think the holdback is not a critical problem for distribution,
because gnu.org is still distributing Emacs 22.0.x.

Tatsuya Kinoshita

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