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Re: Zile as an emacs alternative

On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 12:51:09PM +0200, Nicolas Duboc wrote:
> Romain Francoise wrote :
> > No offense, but I don't think anyone cares very much as long as zile
> > doesn't get in the way of a real Emacs alternative.  So just do whatever
> > you feel is right.
>    OK, so I will register zile as an alternative for emacs. I will use
> priority 12 so as to be higher than e3 (zile is nearer to emacs
> than e3em).

  I have changed my mind after reception of #398761 and #398858.

  Indeed, emacs is more than just a text editor. An emacs without elisp
interpretation is not really an emacs. If people need emacs, they will
install emacs and if they need a lighter emacs, they will search one and
find and use zile or other similar editors.

  So I removed the emacs alternative in zile 2.2.22-3 (just uploaded).

  Robert, fill free to reopen #387164 if you are not convinced. But I
do not intend to change my mind again, at least, not before etch


Nicolas Duboc <nduboc@debian.org>

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