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Re: Handling of GNU free documentation licence in Debian

Il giorno mer, 13/09/2006 alle 13.23 +0200, Florent Rougon ha scritto:
> Elias Oltmanns <oltmanns@uni-bonn.de> wrote:
> > package gnus-doc in non-free be an appropriate solution? GNU stuff in
> > non-free seems rather strange but would be funny anyway.
> There is already a bunch of GNU software in non-free:
>   - make-doc
>   - texinfo-doc-nonfree 
>   - autoconf-doc
>   - automake.*-doc
>   - tar-doc
>   - glibc-doc-reference
>   - gnu-standards
>   ...

And I would add "for the same reason".
There has been some discussion lately about gnus, not from this point of
view though, whereas there has been a _long_ dispute on GFDL, and that's
the result.

Anyway, I reckon shipping gnus-doc in non-free would be _the_ solution.
You should take up some discussion on the matter ( perhaps starting from
a bug report ( if there's not already one... ) ? ).


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