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Re: Emacs meta-packages

Romain Francoise <rfrancoise@debian.org> writes: > Jérôme Marant <jmarant@free.fr> writes: > >> I didn't know about it, but I recently prepared such a >> package called emacs-defaults, providing emacs and >> emacs-nox. > > Great! > >> It is just a matter of uploading it. > > Uploading is a small detail, but overlooking it makes > packages mostly useless. It's been 22 weeks. What happened? :-) The following #emacs discussion prompted me to post this followup: <yome> forcer, can I ask you how to install Emacs in Debian?
<yome> apt-get install emacs doesn't dwim
<fledermaus> apt-get install emacs21
<yome> Ah, thanks.
<yome> Is it fairly recent?
<johnsu01> it's kind of bad that apt-get install emacs doesn't work. What does it do?
<fledermaus> it's the last stable relase.
<dbrock> yome: apt-get install emacs-snapshot for a fairly recent CVS snapshot <fledermaus> johnsu01: there's no 'emacs' package, they're all major-version-numbered.
<yome> dbrock, awesome.
<bojohan> it's not really fairly recent. but that's not debians fault. <dbrock> johnsu01: there was talk about that on the debian-emacs mailing list recently <johnsu01> fledermaus: seems to me apt-get install emacs should install the latest numbered version.

Daniel Brockman <daniel@brockman.se>

  ``For any given feature, I don't care much about the
    people who find it useless --- I care more about
    the people who find it useful.'' --- Larry Wall

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