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sigh: one step forward ....

So I hand-compiled linux-kernel because I had to patch the
kernel source (so that my digital music player (an iAudio M5) would
correctly identify itself and be usable as a usb-mass-storage device).

Then I compiled again so that I could turn on DMA support for my DVD
drive /dev/hdd (I had always compiled DMA support for the relevant
chipset as a module before, but that ceased to work in for
some reason that I don't understand). OK, so now I can watch DVDs
again without hopelessly jerky playback.

But now my emacs is acting up---emacs21 and emacs-gtk-snapshot.  Every
20 seconds or so, the screen spontaneously flashes and the
error-message `<Scroll-Lock> is undefined' appears in the minibuffer.

This did not happen before, and I have changed nothing whatever in my
emacs configuration. The sole changes have been the two changes in the

The behaviour is really annoying, and I have no idea what might have
caused it. I tried putting this in my .emacs:

(global-set-key [scroll-lock] 'noop)

but no difference.

Is there anyone here who could help me track down this annoyance and 
turn it off? It's driving me crazy  ..... 

Thanks very much,


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