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emacs-snapshot manual in info

I currently have both emacs21 and emacs-snapshot installed.  Thanks for
those, especially the Emacs CVS snapshot package.

I noticed that `/usr/share/info/dir' has an "Emacs" and an "Emacs
Snapshot" heading for access to the documentation for both of the
respective packages.

I'm wondering if anybody knows of a quick way to get to a particular
manual from the keyboard.  Typing "C-h i m Emacs RET" gives you the Emacs
21 manual everytime.  Trying "C-h i C-s Emacs SPC snapshot RET m Emacs"
doesn't work either (I thought I'd try).

One solution would suffix each of the entries under "Emacs Snapshot"
with "-snapshot" so they would be unique completions from for `Info-menu'.

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