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Re: Bug#336400: emacs-goodies-el: please add xdvi-search.el

I am CC'ing this to interested parties, including
debian-emacsen@lists.debian.org for discussion.

Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br> wrote:

> Package: emacs-goodies-el
> Version: 25.1-1
> Severity: wishlist
> As you probably know, Emacs is used quite a lot by people that use LaTeX
> and in the usual workflow of generating a LaTeX document, one usually
> goes through the compilation of the source and then sees the output
> using a variety of modes, the most common of which is seeing a DVI
> output file.
> Since LaTeX supports source specials and the xdvi in current Debian
> versions support forward and backward searching, it would be a very good
> addition if the file xdvi-search.el could be added to the package
> emacs-goodies-el.
> The xdvi-search.el file can be obtained from:
> <http://xdvi.sourceforge.net/xdvi-search.el>.

Thanks.  This would be useful to me also as I also use LaTeX.

I just tried this at work on sarge and xdvi wasn't compiled with this
support, so it didn't work.  I'll try it at home on unstable.

I wonder if users would be better served if this were included either in
auctex or in some part of tetex (perhaps tetex-extra).  So my questions
for everybody are:

- Which package do you think xdvi-search.el should be added to?

- If you maintain tetex or auctex, do you think it should o in your
  package?   Are you willing to add it?

Note: the author needs to run `M-x checkdoc' on it.  I'll file a bug
report at Sourceforge.

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