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Re: emacs-snapshot

Quoting Christophe Prud'homme <prudhomm@mit.edu>:

> Hi there,
> Just a few words about my experience with emacs-snapshot. Since
> emacs-snapshot
> has been in unstable, I have been testing once in a while. I had problems in
> the past with svn support in emacs-snapshot which did allow me to really use
> emacs-snapshot (well I must admit that I didn't really try to fix this).
> Now it all works nicely, and so far I like the changes/features I have  seen
> so far in the future version of emacs. I have also the feeling that
> emacs-snapshot is snappier than emacs21.

Don't forget that Emacs 21 was released in 2001 :-)

Jérôme Marant

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