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Re: Name for new package for VM extras?

I wrote on debian-emacsen:

> In response to http://bugs.debian.org/244444, I will be creating a new
> binary package from the emacs-goodies-el source package to hold:
>  http://de.geocities.com/ulf_jasper/lisp/u-vm-color.el.txt
>  (color VM buffer)
> and 
>  http://www.robf.de/Hacking/elisp/vm-rfaddons.el
>  (advanced functionnalities for VM)
> The natural name for the package would be `vm-extras-el' but the
> emacs-goodies-el source package already creates a `gnus-bonus-el'
> package.
> Should I go with `vm-bonus-el' for symmetry?

Last call...
I'm likely going with `vm-bonus-el' for symmetry.


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