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Re: Flyspell is to be incorporated to dictionaries-common, closing some {x}emacs bugs

Agustin Martin <agustin.martin@hispalinux.es> writes:

> I think we can try disabling emacs-snapshot integration into the common
> system, so neither ispell.el or flyspell.el are overriden, and see if that
> has any wrong side effect other than the lack of integration, for instance,
> dicts not present in ispell-dictionary-alist will not have a way to say
> that they are available and which parameters should be used. We might
> reconsider this later if problems appear. We could also consider what is
> needed for a minimal integration, but from the emacs-snapshot files.

> What do you think?

Let's try using the Emacs versions as you suggest.  If any problems
arise, we'll either fix the bugs directly in emacs-snapshot, or shadow
the packages again.


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