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Ceasing the emacs-snapshot effort?


While contributing to maintainership of the emacs21 package, it became
more and more obvious to me that maintaining lisp modes within Emacs
is not an easy task: upstream fixes bugs in the CVS trunk and since
years separate stable Emacs releases, modes are diverting which
makes this task difficult.

Yesterday, I took the opportunity to participate to a thread in which
I expressed the idea of releasing the core Emacs and others lisp modes
separately in order to provide users with bugfixes more often. Hence,
waiting for the next stable release would be painless for both users,
and us, maintainers.

Unfortunately, it quickly ended with this message from RMS:


Some will say I deserved it.  Maybe.  I'm just surprised about such a
reaction from someone who mentions Free Speech as an analogy to
Free Software. I would never have imagined that expressing ones
opinion would lead to being considered as a threat to the development
of Emacs.

After all, I already managed to send modest patches to improve
the build process. Would an Agent of Destruction even do that?

I did not reply to him, because I'm not interested in fights and don't
want to make things worse. I do respect him anyway.

Now, the question is how I should interprete "Please stop interfering
with Emacs development"?  Are my (even modest) contributions nor
interventions not wanted any more? In that case, there is no point
for me to keep on working on emacs-snapshot.
I don't know him very well, so I'm just wondering.


Jérôme Marant

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