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Re: emacs.app for GNUstep for debian

Adrian Robert <arobert@cogsci.ucsd.edu> writes:

> Hi,


>> If you want to see Emacs for GNUstep in Debian some day, please talk to
>> emacs-on-aqua people and ask them to work for its inclusion in the
>> CVS trunk (there already exists a Carbon port).
> As mentioned above, this is planned.  However, there is some further
> work to be done stabilizing the Emacs-on-Aqua-specific code that is
> best done before attempting the port to Emacs-21/22.  Furthermore, the
> GNU Emacs CVS trunk itself is in an unstable state, and not
> necessarily optimal for beginning a port attempt right now.  So it
> will be a while until Emacs.app will be updated to the latest GNU
> Emacs.

Too bad. But Emacs 21 was released in 2001 and Emacs 22 is still
to be release, so it gave them plenty of time to work on the port.

Bear in mind that Andrew Choi worked alone on the MacOSX port
and it has been in the CVS trunk for almost 2 years now.

> The immediate goal of Emacs.app (emacs-on-aqua) however is to produce
> a solid emacs-20 version that can run under GNUstep with the UI
> advantages that provides.  How exactly is accomodating a version
> 20-based Emacs on Debian problematic?  Emacs itself has a
> version-numbering scheme for lisp directories to avoid conflicts, and
> I imagine Debian as well has to deal with the problem whenever there
> are upstream version changes.  (As will soon happen with GNU Emacs 22.)

Facts about Emacs 20:
1/ it is no longer supported upstream
2/ it had Release Critical bugs in Debian
3/ it has been removed from the Debian archive because of both 1/ and 2/

Three good reasons for it not to come back in Debian in any way.

But it is not like you could not use Emacs within GNUstep: even without
those API specifics, emacs21 packages work fine.


Jérôme Marant

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