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Re: Newbie: Help with elisp, please

On April 29, 2004 04:24 pm, Florent Rougon scribed:
FR> You can put it in your .emacs.el. You can also put it in another
 file that is in your load-path and load it with (load "file")
 from .emacs.el.  You can also put it in the load-path, have it
 (provide 'brad-foobar) and have .emacs.el (require 'brad-foobar)...
FR> --
FR> Florent

Okay.  Thanks for your patience and kind help.  I really appreciate 
it, and things are starting to come together now.  Plus I've 
discovered a few keybindings in the process, so it's good too.

Thanks again,

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