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Emacsen MUA (was: Can't send mail with Gnus! :()

On December 11, 2003 at 10:55PM +0100,
jmarant@nerim.net wrote:

> For me, a good MUA needs to handle:
> - Multiple mailboxes
> - Hierachical folders : sorting mailboxes in different folders 
> - Mailing lists: when replying to the list, setting "To:" properly
>   as well as Mail-Followup-To
> - Multiple personalities: sets of address+organisation+signature and so on
>   that you can switch on the fly
> - at least: POP, IMAP, Mbox and Maildir 
> (I must have forgotten many features)

For me, the following features are more important:

- Encoding/decoding ISO-2022-JP, ISO-8859-*, UTF-8, etc.
- MIME and GPG
- MH-style and MHC (the mhc package, Message Harmonized Calendaring system)

Tatsuya Kinoshita

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