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mail-decode-encoded-word-region: Args out of range

Here is a problem that has bugged me for a long time in gnus.  I can
work around it, with ^u g, but it is mainly a curiosity.  When I get a
message from a certain person, and hit g to read it, I get

mail-decode-encoded-word-region: Args out of range: 483, 494

http://jidanni.org/comp/gnus_el.txt http://jidanni.org/comp/emacs.txt
are my startup files.  I have edited out the personal stuff below.  I
notice that when I reduce some of the portions of this message just a
little bit more, the bug goes away.

hitting g in gnus gives the error, with one of the identical To fields
garbled in the display.

--- Begin Message ---
Bla blaa

--- End Message ---
BTW, hitting q in the debugger caused emacs to disappear, but I haven't
tried to reproduce it.

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