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all along I was masking the newer debian .el

Matt, thanks for sending me the new version of apt-utils.el, but guess
what, last time I had an apt-utils.el in my private dir so long, it
started to mask the official debian version, so this time I dare not
put it in my private dir, lest I forget about it and thus block
updates for years.

Indeed, I recommend all debian emacs users drop what they are doing
and run ... this, oh, from anacron regularly:
cd ${MyEmacsDir?} && ls *.el*|sed 's@^@/@;s/\.elc$/.el/'|xargs dlocate
to notify them if they are masking any debian official versions .el[c]
that came along.  Those who need to can soup up the above line to make it
compare dates even, or perhaps even "search packages not even
installed yet".

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