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users cannot customize faces?

First, eval the following:

(defface test-face-1
  '((t (:background "Yellow")))
  "test face 1"
  :group 'test)
 '(test-face-1 ((t nil))))

 '(test-face-2 ((t nil))))
(defface test-face-2
  '((t (:background "Yellow")))
  "test face 2"
  :group 'test)

These codes bring about the following result.

(face-background 'test-face-1) => "Yellow"
(face-background 'test-face-2) => nil

If defface is in /etc/emacs/site-start.d/xxx.el[1] and
custom-set-faces is in ~/.emacs, custom-set-faces doesn't work fine.
Because debian startup files are loaded before a user init file.
Therefore, users cannot customize faces. Someone have any comments and
good solutions?

[1] of course include the files which is required in


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