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Re: Ruby support problems

"W. Crowshaw" <wcrowshaw@yahoo.com> writes:

> I've installed the ruby-elisp package in Debian
> woody which I assumed installed ruby-mode into
> Xemacs21.  However, I have yet to get it to "work".
> By not "working" I mean, that when I open a ruby
> file (*.rb), Xemacs does not perform syntax
> highlighting, nor does it allow me to run the ruby
> debugger on the scripts.  When I do open a ruby
> file, I get the message:
> "Loading...inf-ruby...done"

[Disclaimer: I use GNU Emacs, not XEmacs, so this advice might be

Does it work if you start xemacs with the `-q' switch, which
should cause your .emacs file to be ignored?  If so then that's
an indication that there's something in your .emacs that's
interfering with the ruby mode.

With -q, you will probably need to invoke font-lock-mode manually
with M-x font-lock-mode.
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