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Re: FW: emacs-goodies-el restructuring

Peter S Galbraith <psg@debian.org> writes:

> - `emacs-goodies-extra-el' currently holds elisp packages that depend on
>   other Debian packages.  It only contains:
>    dict.el: wrapper around the 'dict' command.

There's a package for that?  I'd been using a badly done
home-grown version of it.

It might be more easily found if it were named `dict-el'.

>   and depends on `dict'.  I will be adding `newsticker' soon, which
>   depends on `wget'.
>   I'd like to merge these files into `emacs-goodies-el' and move the
>   `Depends' to `Recommends'.  That would kill off one small package that is
>   often overlooked by users.

Sounds reasonable, I guess.

> - Ben Pfaff said he's willing to kill off his debview package and let me
>   merge deb-view.el into emacs-goodies-el, which also contains:
>    apt-sources.el: major mode for editing Debian sources.list files;
>    apt-utils.el: interface to APT (Debian package management);
>   In a similar Debian theme, the package `debbugs-el' contains:
>    debian-bug.el, an Emacs command to submit a bug report.
>    gnus-BTS.el, an enhancement to Gnus to provide buttons on bug
>      numbers seen in Debian-related messages.
>   Perhaps I should kill the `debbugs-el' package and create a `debian-el'
>   package for Debian user tools to hold the five files?

That sounds like a reasonable approach to me.

>   It could be argued that `debian-changelog-mode.el' is also useful for
>   Debian users because it highlights bugs and lets users click on them.
>   But perhaps there should be a diminished user mode without the editing
>   commands?

Wouldn't turning on read-only mode in the buffer have the same
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