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Re: large packages: install but not load

Dan Jacobson <jidanni@jidanni.org> wrote:

> I probably use the mule-ucs package once a year, but to have it
> installed means that it gets loaded every time I start emacs.
> Perhaps dpkg-reconfigure mule-ucs [and other hefty packages] could ask
> if one wants to have the package on one's system, but not loaded.
> One might say one could just install and remove the package when
> needed. But for offline users, that is bad.
> By the way, if in the future dpkg-reconfigure will be used to set
> non-loading, it shouldn't go ahead and do remove/mule-ucs: Handling
> removal of emacsen flavor emacs21 ... done.  install/mule-ucs:
> Byte-compiling for emacs21 ...This will take a while ... done.  if not
> necessary.

File a wishlist bug against the package?

Personally, I _don't_ use debconf to configure elisp packages, biut
rather use the Emacs customize interface, which seems better suited to
the task.


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