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Re: Bug#193439: emacsen-common: debian-emacs-policy and package setup in conffile

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

> 	I beg to differ. I have two different Gnusii in my load-path
>  -- and I can change the load-path to use one or the other. Same goes
>  for bbdb, w3m, and a bunch of other things. The version of bbdb I use
>  matters a lot to me.

Well, if you install your own shared library and your own programs
for using it, you'll also make sure to pass the right -R args.


OTOH, there are a lot of files under /etc where removing them or
altering them in bad ways would cause the corresponding application to
malfunction.  In that way, frobbing load-path from /etc/site-start.d/*
is not different.

But the situation that Emacs stops working after "dpkg --purge gnus",
say, MUST be changed.
This line is not blank.

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