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Re: gnus: View Externally: how did konqueror get there?

Dan> 1.  (*) text/plain ( ) text/html
Dan> and then middle mouse click on the text/html button choosing
Dan> "View externally" it starts konqueror whereas I want to make
Dan> this mozilla.

J> Do M-x customize<return>browse-url<return> and look at the value of
J> "Browser Function".

After the first RET I am swept away, so I try C-s brow..., nothing
there too.  More importantly, years ago I already swore I would never
ever use the "customize" whiz bang interface.  Therefore I at most use
edit-options, and prefer plain old setq.

I don't find konqueror in edit-options, nor in
$ realpath /etc/alternatives/*|grep kon

Maybe you can tell me which of the many browse-url variables I should
change.  You see, if I could tell which one somehow calls konqueror,
and how it is called, then I could find the things I need to change.

Yes, I would guess too that browse-url-* is involved, but if I could
see how konqueror got connected, I could tell how to replace it, short
of ripping up /usr/bin itself.
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