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Re: Munging of del and backspace

Miles Bader writes:

 > The reason you are confused is because you (apparently) think that `DEL' and
 > `Delete' are the same thing; they are not.  `DEL' is the ASCII DEL character,
 > which since time immemorial has meant delete-backward-char in emacs.
 > `Delete' is a labelled key on (some) keyboards, which usually means
 > delete-char.

Uh, I should have mentioned I run under X.

 > So you can think of `DEL' as the emacs abstraction for whatever key happens
 > to delete the previous character on your keyboard, be it labelled BS, <--, or

For tty emacs, I would understand, but with X, it must be possible to
distinguish C-d and Delete, just as the <-- key does not bring up the
help, and tab is different from ^I etc.  

 > Rubout.  Because emacs maintains this abstraction, your emacs keybindings
 > should work on any device.

I.e. you can never make any use of more than basic tty capabilities?

And it's annoying that key bindings in emacs and xemacs have different


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