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Re: Re: "No fonts match" with emacs21 in sid

That worked; after installing the euro-support* packages I have no further problems.

Andreas Hilboll wrote:

This might be slightly off-topic here, but I don't really know where to post my question - my apologies for that!

I installed SID with gnome2 and emacs21. On the console, Emacs is doing just fine. But when I try to start emacs from inside Gnome, I get the message

No fonts match `-*-*-medium-r-normal--14-*-*-*-c-*-iso8859-15'

Where lies the problem?



Does the following command return anything?

  xlsfonts -fn '-*-*-medium-r-normal--14-*-*-*-c-*-iso8859-15'

XEmacs is picking the default charset based on your locale, which
is probably being set to de_DE@euro by gnome (it's the LANG
environment variable).  iso8859-15 is iso8859-1 with the euro
symbol added.

Installing "euro-support-x" or changing your LANG setting
should fix it.

Steve Dunham

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