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Re: apt-utils.el.

Peter S Galbraith (2002-11-18 13:16:33 -0500) :

> Matt Hodges <matt@stchem.bham.ac.uk> wrote:


>> This isn't part of Debian, but if any Debian developers are
>> interested in packaging it, please contact me.
> I'm sure Roland will want to add it to dpkg-dev-el.  Seems like a
> good fit.  Or maybe this is for users and dpkg-dev-el is more for
> DDs?

As much as I'd like to add it to dpkg-dev-el, I probably won't do it
very soon.  I only maintain two source packages (the others are
mostly self-maintaining), but unfortunately the other one is
Sourceforge and takes lots of time these days.  I'll get back to
Emacs goodies stuff next week or so, hopefully I'll add apt-utils.el
in it.  Please file a wishlist bug on emacs-goodies-el or some other
package with the same source package.

  On the other hand, I wouldn't deny any offer for co-maintaining
emacs-goodies-el, especially from such developers as, say, some of the
upstream authors of some of the included Elisp libraries in the
package (wink wink, nudge nudge).  I was planning this half-request
for after Sourceforge is installed since it will make things easier,
but it can't do any harm to start early.

Roland Mas

Share the evil!  Co-maintain emacs-goodies-el!

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