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Re: html-mode in xemacs

    "Laura" == Laura Conrad <lconrad@laymusic.org> writes:

    Laura> I'm using xemacs under woody, and I can't seem to get
    Laura> html-mode to work.  When I visit an html-file, it says:

    Laura> Loading psgml-html...  File mode specification error:
    Laura> (file-error "Cannot open load file" "psgml-lucid")

What does M-x locate-library RET psgml-html say?

If you are using xemacs21 then it should be


psgml-lucid.el is in the psgml Debian package which is used by
emacs. It is *not* used by XEmacs as far as I know. The emacs psgml
package has a file called psgml-lucid. The xemacs package does
not. My guess is your installation is loading the wrong psgml file.

You might try purging psgml and html-helper-mode (if you have the
latter working) to see if it helps.


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