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Re: rms@gnu.org: emacs iconless vs. mozilla, galeon

Ordinarily I ignore people who munge their email addresses and then
expect replies.  I'm going to make an exception here because I'm a
little more than ordinarily annoyed.

First of all, if you want a favor from me (like advice or the answer
to a question), don't make my life harder!  That means don't do things
that may cause bounce messages to appear in my mailbox if I'm not
paying attention -- don't expect me to even look at your email
address, let alone decrypt its hidden messages.

If you really are unwilling to provide a usable email address, then
point Reply-To and Mail-Followup-To at the list, and expect your
answers on the list.  Repetition of the current behavior will earn a
quick *plonk*.

Second, debian-emacsen, debian-x, and several other lists you've been
posting on are developer lists, not user help lists.  Please post user
help questions on debian-user or other support lists, not internal
discussion lists.

Finally, icons in titlebars are a window-manager issue.  Refer to your
window manager documentation for details.  Check with the maintainer
if you think you've found a genuine problem.  And please stop
pestering the poor GNU folks and debian-emacsen maintainers with
issues outside their control.

thank you
Chris Waters           |  Pneumonoultra-        osis is too long
xtifr@debian.org       |  microscopicsilico-    to fit into a single
or xtifr@speakeasy.net |  volcaniconi-          standalone haiku

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