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problem with context.el

I am using emacs 21.1.1 pn a mostly testing system, and I would like to
use context-mode as the "tex-default-mode". I am unable to get things
working properly, so if anyone can help, I will very much appreciate it.

Not knowing that context.el is packaged in with emacs 21 (or with
auctex) I obtained a copy from the author, and installed it in my
~/elisp directory, and added to my .emacs the following.

   (require 'tex-site)
   (load "context")
   (setq tex-default-mode 'context-mode)

Each time I load a .tex file, I get font-locking and "ConTeXt-en Fill"
in my modeline, but I don't get any menubar menus (as I believe I
should). My menus are File, Edit, Options, Buffers, Tools, Help, and
that's all, not even a Tex menu.

First, in investigating the problem, I discovered that context is
already a part of emacs/auctex, because I get the following

   $ locate context.el

So, I thought that my personal context.el maybe conflicts with the system
context (single-user "system"), and I moved it out of the way, and try
to restart emacs, and emacs complains that it can't load "context."

If I remove the "load "context"" from my startup file, emacs starts ok,
but from a tex buffer, I cannot "M-x context-mode" (no completions found
after M-x context). So, if I understand correctly, emacs doesn't see the
context.elc file.

If I don't "autoload" context, and I set tex-default-mode to latex-mode,
the tex buffers open in TeX mode (which seems wrong), but I can manually
enter latex-mode (M-x latex-mode), which works properly - proper

If I do load context, but keep latex-mode as the tex-default-mode,
auctex no longer works, but in the TeX mode, I get a Tex menu, one item
of which is ConTeXt, but I don't get the ConTeXt menus.

Sorry for such a complicated message, but I have tried all I can to make
this work properly, I am a very non-expert user, and I really can't
figure out what's going on, so, any help will be very much appreciated.



Emacs version: 

  GNU Emacs 21.1.1 (i386-debian-linux-gnu, X toolkit, Xaw3d scrollbars) of
  2001-12-06 on raven, modifified by debian

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