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Re: A flaw in current emacsen package setup?


        [Please follow up to debian-emacsen@lists.debian.org]

>>"Rob" == Rob Browning <rlb@defaultvalue.org> writes:

 Rob> One thing I'm wondering about is how many packages modify the
 Rob> load-path internally, rather than just in a small top-level
 Rob> initialization file.  If there are (m)any, then we may need to
 Rob> do something sneakier like grabbing the load-path before running
 Rob> all the site-lisp.d scripts, then comparing the load-path to the
 Rob> saved copy and then rearranging load-path based on that to put
 Rob> any additions "in the right place".  Though we might want to do
 Rob> this on a per-script basis, rather than just once for all of
 Rob> site-start.d to avoid inter-dependency issues for packages that
 Rob> have local overrides.

	Umm. I am not sure we can capture instances of packages
 modifying load-path internally -- since the files where modification
 occurs may not be loaded after the site-lisp.d scripts are

 Rob> Another option would be to have a slightly smarter
 Rob> add-after-local, perhaps called emacsen-pkg-add-path that would
 Rob> just handle the issue, using perhaps similar tricks to the
 Rob> above, and then require all the add-on packages to use that.
 Rob> The advantage here is that we can easily change the policy if
 Rob> needed without any of the packages having to change their code.

	That would be ideal. I was hoping you would suggest that ;-)
 In which case, maintainers can edit any internal load-path
 modification to go through emacsen-pkg-add-path as well.

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