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Re: w3 and Emacs 21 choices

Ben Pfaff <blp@cs.stanford.edu> writes:

> As the maintainer of Debian's w3 packages, I'm currently
> contemplating packaging w3 for Emacs 21, so that we'd have
> w3-el-e20 and w3-el-e21 packages.  But there are several options.
> The viable choices I've come up with so far are as follows:


>                 2a. w3-el-e20 would Depend: on `gnus'.  This
>                     could potentially irritate people who don't
>                     want a newer version of Gnus.

I would wote for this.

>                 2b. w3-el-e20 would be the same old w3, not from
>                     CVS.  This would undoubtedly irritate people
>                     who wanted newer versions of w3.

I don't like this.

>                 2c. We could have two packages for Emacs 20, one
>                     of 4.0pre.46, one of the CVS.  I don't want
>                     to do this.

If not 2a, then 2c.


Keep up the good work, I'm a happy user of Emacs, Gnus and w3.


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