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Re: It came from the Goodies!

>>>>"RM" == Roland Mas schrieb am Sun, 26 Aug 2001 14:10:36 +0200:

 RM>   There are obviously more to come.  I might "reject" some
 RM> suggestions though (some for which the license is not clear), or
 RM> split them into other packages.

I might suggest scanning through the Emacs Lisp List and newly opened
Emacs Lisp Archive. Perhaps it might be worthwhile to have some
emacs-ell and emacs-lcd packages.

Personally, I doubt that your approach is the right way. I don't think
that your goodies are goodies in everybody else's view. From the list
of elisp files I know nearly all of them at least by name, but don't
use any (not even boxquote, which serves a very useful purpose, but
for which I use another solution). It's likely that there is also
another problem: not every item in g.e.s even runs on all Debian
included incarnations of Emacs or XEmacs, so be careful.

Just my 2c (Euro),


---          http://www.coling.uni-freiburg.de/~schauer/            ---
"Vi was created by hacking full screen support into ed while under
 influence of drugs."
                  -- Per Abrahamsen  in comp.emacs.xemacs

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