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Problem with dired

Yang Shouxun wrote:

> Dear Anthony,
> > May ask you for help about Chinese localization problem I met? I know
> I should send the leter to the debian-chinese-gb list, but one
> subscriber's mailbox is full and sending letters to the list always
> make an extra warning letter to all the subscribers.
> > Normally I'm comfort with English version of Potato 2.2r3 and work
> with Chinese just in Emacs and view the web and read mail with
> Mozilla. Yet sometimes I'd like to have most of the rest X-windows
> application capable of handling with Chinese.
> > I've read the FAQ from debian-chinese-faq-s.deb and add the lines
> accordingly to my .bashrc and .inputrc. However, I still cannot input
> Chinese character with Xcin-gb. All the menus, etc. are still in
> English. Nothing seems to have been changed after adding those lines
> to the rc files.
> > I'm running potato 2.2r3 with ximian-gnome 1.4 installed. I've
> installed a few packages from testing in order to make X-windows to
> run on my Laptop, that includes libc6 v2.2. I've uncomment "zh_CN
> GB2312" to run locale-gen.

Now I upgrade to woody but whenI attempted to upgrade my potato 2.2r3
(with ximian-gnome) to woody, problems arose with libgnomeprint-bin.
Apt-get reported error: trying to overwrite file
`/usr/share/man/man1/gnome-font-install.1.gz', which is also in package
libgnomeprint11. Both version 0.28-0.1 and 0.28-0.2 have the same
problem. There are 100 packages yet to be upgraded because of that
error preventing apt-get from doing its job further.

Now I can see some menus and other stuff in Chinese, but I still cannot
use xcin to input Chinese except using crxvt-ml terminal.

Using zh_CN locale also makes my emacs/xemacs not working properly in
"dired" (for directory operation). Emacs complains "No file on this
line". Xemacs even complains that "Language environment not defined:

> > Besides, I found there was a bug with the above mentioned FAQ. When
> dealing with "export XMODIFIERS="@im=chinput"", the double quotes
> surrounding @im were missing.
> > Thanks for your help in advance!

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