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dpkg-dev-emacs vs. debian-changelog-mode vs...

Whatever its name, the package is ready.  The only point my sponsor
wants to be settled down is the name of the package, precisely.

  My original idea was dpkg-dev-emacs.  debian-changelog-mode seems
too restrictive to me: when (if?) someone writes a
debian-controlfile-mode someday, it can be included into
dpkg-dev-emacs but not debian-changelog-mode (well, so it seems to

  dpkg-dev-emacsen and dpkg-dev-el have been suggested too, I guess so
that Xemacs/EINE/ZWEI or other Emacs variants users are not
jealous.  I have no strong opinion for or against any one of these

  My sponsor and I are only waiting for some consensus to be reached
before he uploads the package.  Consider this to be a RFC / CFD / CFV
/ whatever.  If noone reacts, I guess we'll consider that the
consensus has been reached on dpkg-dev-emacs.

Roland Mas

When I eat a biscuit, it stays eaten!
  -- Arthur Dent, in So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (Douglas Adams)

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