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Re: XEmacs/GTK 21.1.11

Juhapekka Tolvanen <juhtolv@st.jyu.fi> writes:

> I fear, that it will take so much time, that we must have separately
> packaged XEmacs/Gtk meanwhile. And I fear, that latest upstream sources
> of XEmacs will ship with too old version of XEmacs/Gtk. Just check out,
> how old version of Gnus and Auctex ships with latest XEmacs, if you
> don't believe me.

The strategy of the emacs{19|20} Debian packages, which have much more
separate lisp packages, though born of need, results in much fresher
modules and quicker update cycles, which would be nice to have for
XEmacs too (never mind my english, I hope you understand what I mean).

Maybe all those Debian packages like psgml, auctex, gnus etc. should
be made for XEmacs too.


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