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debian-startup.elc . debian-startup.el !exists



is there
, but the *.el version of it isn't there.

1)  anyone have a copy of this (debian-startup.el)
	that they might be able to forward along?

	(maybe: just included as text in the email,
		rather than an attatched file.
		i'm not sure how to save attatched files from mutt, yet )

	( & for the stable|potato-ized distribution of xemacs )

	( e.g.: digging around in *.deb files is more than this
		user can handle, right now. )

2)  can the *.deb packages be modified so that the *.el of this 
	isn't deleted on package-install?

	( which seems likely to be how it was deleted .. by a package-script
		somewhere, when i haven't touched that file, 
		afai-can-remember )



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