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Re: New emacsen-common problems - we need to discuss emacsen-policy.

 I propose that rather than putting that init snippet into
 `site-start', it ought to be put into a `debian-start.el', and then
 the `startup.el' codes that load `site-start.el' ought to be

 We could add a run-hooks in there at the right location, and send the
 patch for that upstream... then also add support in the build/dump
 setup for adding a distribution/builder specific extra dumped lisp.
 Other sites / distributions could make use of it too, I think.  Maybe
 there's already a hook in there for that matter.

 We'd then dump in our `debian-start.elc', and at toplevel of it, do
 an `add-hook' to the new hook list, so that our Debian stuff runs at
 the right time during initialization.  It can check for the
 `--no-site-file' switch, and whatever else it needs to do.

 I would also patch the location of `site-start.el' and `default.el',
 to locate them down under "/etc/$emacsflav/".  Perhaps that location
 can be made build-time configurable, and the patch submitted upstream
 also?  Other sites / distributions may find that useful also.

 We should distribute blank `site-start' and `default' programs with
 our emacsen packages -- ones with only a comment header, describing
 what this init program is for and when it is run with regards to the
 user init file.

 I think that there should also be a set of
 "/etc/$emacsflav/local-init.d/" directories supported, for local use

 Rob, are you aware that XEmacs now uses "auto-autoloads.el" programs?
 They are autogenerated by Makefile's in the `xemacs-packages' (the
 CVS controlled Lisp that's on cvs.xemacs.org, which used to ship with
 XEmacs but has now been unbundled...) at the same time they are
 byte-compiled.  When XEmacs starts up, it computes a load path by
 recursing down several starting points, then loads all of the
 "auto-autoloads.el"'s that it finds there.  Throughout the XEmacs
 lisp package code there are ";;;###autoload" markers used to generate
 the automatic autoloads programs.

 Because of that, I think that perhaps the "/etc/xemacs*/site-start.d"
 stuff may need adjusting... or maybe not - the maintainers of the
 elisp deb packages may already be aware of this. (?)  In many cases,
 there's already a version of something shipped as part of the XEmacs
 packages.  I think ideally there ought to be a separate package for
 each of the XEmacs package lisp programs.  That will take a lot of
 work, and the effort MUST be co-ordinated with the XEmacs development
 team.  I plan to do some work on this...  I've a small start on it.
 Hopefully over the summer here, I'll have time for it.

 When new lisp is being installed, and when the XEmacs byte-compile
 happens, an auto-autoloads.el and a custom-load.el ought to be
 generated.  Recipes for doing this are in the XEmacs
 `xemacs-packages' source, which you can get from
 CVS. (http://cvs.xemacs.org).

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