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Re: Y2K fix for emacs19(potato/slink) and emacs20(slink)

Changwoo Ryu wrote:
> And I still doubt whether it's better to say the year XY (XY < 70) as
> 20XY.  Is it better to say "the year 68 is 2068", than "the year 68 is
> 1968"?

I think it's quite simple: Code that calls this date routine and passes it a
2 diget year has a y2k problem. The date routine, it appears, does not. It
would be quite sane of it to interpret a 2 diget year as 00xx AD. The other
common hueristic is to interpret it as xx + 1900. But it doesn't really
matter what it does, because it is the code that calls it with a 2 diget
year that is at fault.

see shy jo

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