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Re: Question about packaging emacs 20.5a.

Ben Gertzfield wrote:

>     Rob> 1) Use 20.5a-1 and epochs 
> Ick. You'll be stuck with epochs forever. Gross. 

I agree with Ben.

>     Rob> 2) Use 20.4-pre20.5-a-1 and no epochs
> This is much nicer. I'd use that, though I don't know what
> you get by useing pre20.5-a versus pre20.5a.

I agree with Ben.

Rob also said:

> I can't take the opposite tack and just name the Debian version 20.5,
> because then when emacs-20.5.tar.gz is finally released upstream, the
> upstream source tarfile will change contents even though the Debian
> name for the upstream source file will stay the same
> (emacs20_20.5.orig.tar.gz).

Would people stone me if I suggested that you release
emacs20_20.5-1pre20.5a now with emacs20_20.5.orig.tar.gz and later
emacs20_20.5-2 using the -sa switch to force the inclusion
of the original source under the same name again?  (Then make
sure all arches recompile it quickly)

I presume the final release will make it under potato before the
freeze anyway?

Peter (waiting to be stoned)

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