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UTF-8 patch does not work with Debian GNU Emacs


As you may be aware, there is an elisp package at
http://www.cs.ust.hk/faculty/otfried/Mule/ to enable GNU Emacs to read
and write UTF-8 files.  This is working with neither the 20.3.x Debian
package I used to have, nor with the new 20.4 package.  I reported
that on the linux-utf8 mailing list (see below), and it turned out
that nobody else had quite the same problem as I, and that those who
said it was working fine were not using Debian.

Could this problem be connected with some special Debian patches to
GNU Emacs?

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From:    Stefan Baums <sb51@soas.ac.uk>
To:      "'linux-utf8@nl.linux.org'" <linux-utf8@nl.linux.org>
Date:    Tue, 2 Nov 1999 23:24:13 +0100
Subject: Problems with UTF-8 Emacs patch

I followed instructions, but have the following problem with Otfried's
Emacs patch: when I enter some text in different scripts (English,
Russian, Greek, and Japanese), everything is fine.  When I then save
the file as UTF-8, however, and later re-visit it the text in _some_
of the scripts (Russian, Greek) but not others (English, Japanese) is
garbled in such a way that only the topmost row of pixels of the
letters appears (at least that's what it looks like).  Saving is not
the problem (the saved file looks fine in lynx in an UTF-8 xterm);
re-visiting is.

My system is Debian potato, Emacs 20.4.2 in windowing mode (same
problem with 20.3.something), emacs-utf 0.61.  The problem occurs with
Emacs' own standard fontset as well as Markus' 15 dot unicode font.
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