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Re: All elisp package should be redirect Compilation Log to a file.

***** TK => Takuo KITAME

TK> +rm -f CompilationLog.gz

What good is this rm for?  You already `>' on CompilationLog.gz.

Maybe I miss something here, what is it?

TK> Any comments?

Yes, one: I wish you good luck. :-)

This is a very good idea, which I already proposed some time ago
(indeed my packages behave that way); unfortunately not every one
seems to agree or is willing to take care of unnecessary output at
installation time. ;-)  Things may have changed, though.

Just while you're at it, why don't we try and have a consistent look
and feel for strings such as:

"install/$PACKAGE: Byte-compiling for $FLAVOR... " "done."

"install/$PACKAGE: Ignoring emacsen flavor $FLAVOR."

"remove/$PACKAGE: Removing for $FLAVOR... " "done."

"remove/$PACKAGE: Ignoring emacsen flavor $FLAVOR."

I like my own wording, of course. :-)

I also propose we really ignore the `emacs' emacsen flavor, unless it
doesn't need to, of course (i.e., avoiding to display messages like
"install/mailcrypt: Ignoring emacsen flavor emacs.", which are IMO
confusing, while "Ignoring emacsen flavor xemacs20." isn't).

Take a look at the two scripts attached (from mailcrypt; please ignore
<:=...:> thingies if you don't know about EPerl: I guess you can
nevertheless easily figure it out, what each variable evaluates to,
and it's easier to read these sources than the EPerl output, which is
somewhat harder).


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