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Re: `~/.xemacs/{init,.options}.el' (Was: Re: [XEmacs] New Maintainer, soonish.)

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Several senior Debian developers, including the Emacsen-common and
> archive maintainer, Richard Braakman, have weighed in on the issue,
> and all disagree with you.

Sorry, you have me confused with another R.B., namely Rob Browning.
He's the emacsen-common maintainer, I'm one of the archive maintainers.

Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> >  It's silly to expect newbies (there will be many installing the
> >  package) to edit `~/.emacs/' codes, and to maintain two branches
> >  inside of it to cope with both GNU Emacs and XEmacs.  Granted, they
> >  will likely stick to one or the other, but will try both to begin
> >  with.

The most important feature for newbies is that when they're stuck, they
can ask for help.  With this change you will take that away from them.
What newbie writes his own .emacs file anyway?  They get them from
friends.  But on Debian, they will inexplicably not work.

Richard Braakman

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