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DSO's (Was: Re: [POLL] Should XEmacs 21.1 include the ldap support code?)

 [ Follow up to debian-emacsen please. ]

>>>>> "Jean" == Jean Pierre LeJacq <jplejacq@quoininc.com> writes:

    Jean> On 7 Jul 1999, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
    >> Do yous want me to compile in the ldap support, or create yet
    >> another XEmacs binary with and one without, or what?
    >> Well, is it in, out, or two binaries?

    Jean> Two binaries.

 I have not decided whether to do two binaries or just compile in
 LDAP.  The configure and build setup that I've created is designed to
 make it very simple to create specially configured packages from the
 sources.  I've kept that in mind from the start.[1]

 This version of XEmacs has support for dynamic shared objects.  The
 `ldap' stuff could be hacked off the main binary and made into a dso,
 with a little bit of work.  At some point, that will be done by
 someone who does the labor... probably not until ??  (Well, likely
 not in 21.1.n unless the patch is simple enough to be provably stable
 enough to use without generating a ton of bug reports and making it
 impossible for someone who relies on LDAP in XEmacs for systems
 adminstration to get the job done.)

 Anyway, several features like ldap will become dso modules at some
 point, so the issue raised by the subject of this message will just
 go away --- there will be packages of them and they'll autoload as

[1]  When it's out the door and tested better, I will begin test
     packaging the development branch.  Those will likely not be
     uploaded for public consumption.

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