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Re: [XEmacs] New Maintainer, soonish.

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Vroonhof <vroonhof@math.ethz.ch> writes:

    Jan> [Please CC I'm not subscribed]

 Ok.  We've a new list also; debian-emacsen@lists.debian.org.  Perhaps 
 others of the XEmacs Beta crew would be interested in being allowed
 to subscribe?  (I believe it will be archived and readable via the
 WWW also.  Hope that's true...)

    >> James LewisMoss has offered me the maintainership of the Debian
    >> XEmacs packages, and I have accepted.  I'm learning how the
    >> XEmacs21

    Jan> Well, congratulations

 Thank you.  I recognize your name from the `xemacs-beta' list.  Good
 to see you in `debian-devel'...  I'm looking forward to reading your
 input in the `xemacs-emacsen' list, if you've time for it and are
 interested in helping out with feedback and ideas.

    Jan> - I changed the startups so that the init file is no longer
    Jan> called "~/.emacs", it's in "~/.xemacs/init.el".  The options
    Jan> saved by the


    Jan> It is very likely XEmacs will move to that sooner or
    Jan> later. If other people start doing this in their own way it
    Jan> will make the transition nightmare even worse.

 I think we need to move to this now, before `potato' is released, and
 before I upload the XEmacs packages I've begun working on.
 (Inherited from James LewisMoss) It will be much simpler for people
 to have a separate startup set for each of the emacsen than to have
 to go and write conditional code into their .emacs files.  Many users
 will be newbies who don't have a clue what .emacs really is.  They
 are migraining from <OTHEROS> and expect the GUI to do it all for
 them...  We need to cater to that a little bit.

    Jan> - I'll try and make it so that these libraries of lisp and
    Jan>    XEmacs itself can be built using a CVS checkout from the
    Jan>    cvs.xemacs.org repository.  I want it to be very automatic
    Jan>    and easy to reproduce.  I want tuition for fall term.

    Jan> If you want you can probably get the debian specific stuff in
    Jan> the xemacs.org repository too.

 That would be best.  Will someone manage the commits from my patch
 submissions, until I am trusted to have writes?

 Hmmm...  Perhaps the `debian' control directory will work as a
 separate module anyway.  I'll toy with that in my sandbox (backups 4
 times a day) for a while and see how that might work.

    Jan> - I've got a simple shell script I call `xg' (pasted from a
    Jan>   mailing
    Jan>    list message) that checks for a running "gnuserv" by using
    Jan>    `fuser', and if it finds you've got one running, execs
    Jan>    `gnuclient "$@"',

    Jan> Please refer to "etc/editclient.sh" from the XEmacs
    Jan> distribution which is an even better solution to this
    Jan> problem.

 Ok... didn't see that before.

    Jan> - I made a `.kdelnk' for `xg', and some XEmacs icons,

    Jan> If you finish this and you do it for editclient.sh, could you
    Jan> submit it for inclusion in the main XEmacs distribution.

 I'll mail it to the patch bot.

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