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Re: Analysis: mismatched shim* packages vs. debian-installer (opu/pu)

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2022-09-08):
> TL;DR: Everything matches what was already assessed by Steve McIntyre:
> mismatched shim* packages shouldn't be an issue from a d-i perspective,
> we're “just using the old shim” (sorry, buster…).

Furthermore, I've just checked on two laptops (Dell G3 and Asus
 - that their firmware config really requires Secure Boot (stretch's
   d-i wouldn't boot);
 - that bullseye's d-i (build similar to what I tested with VMs,
   except with extra lib/firmware/*) boots fine;
 - and that a full encrypted LVM installation works fine.

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