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Re: Asus H510M-E board Debian 11.2.0 not booting

Carlos Manuel González composed on 2022-01-13 13:31 (UTC-0500):

> Hi, I have not been able to make Debian 11.2.0 boot on Asus H510M-E board.

> Installation from a USB using non free netinst iso went apparently ok.

> I think maybe there are issues between GRUB and this UEFI board, but I'm
> not an expert.

> Please point me in the right direction.

Do you have more than one display connected to motherboard video connections? My
Asus B560M-A freezes during boot if I have more than one display connected, but
works fine with 2 or 3 if I only connect second &/or third after boot is complete.
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