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Bug#1003457: noisy fwupd error messages with (disabled) TPM 1.2

Package: fwupd
Version: 1.5.7-4

fwupd[150732]: ERROR:sys:src/tss2-sys/api/Tss2_Sys_Execute.c:110:Tss2_Sys_ExecuteFinish() Unsupported device. The device is a TPM 1.2
fwupd[150732]: ERROR:esys:src/tss2-esys/api/Esys_Startup.c:216:Esys_Startup_Finish() Received a non-TPM Error
fwupd[150732]: ERROR:esys:src/tss2-esys/api/Esys_Startup.c:78:Esys_Startup() Esys Finish ErrorCode (0x00080001)
fwupd[150732]: 05:40:45:0110 FuEngine             failed to add device (null): failed to initialize TPM

The hardware is what it is (old, vendor no longer provides BIOS updates, fwupd may still be useful for firmware updates on peripherals), but surely fwupd could be handling this more elegantly?

Possibly relevant information from the kernel on this system:

kernel: [   10.755156] tpm_tis 00:07: 1.2 TPM (device-id 0xB, rev-id 16)
kernel: [   10.803696] tpm tpm0: TPM is disabled/deactivated (0x7)

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