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Bug#995940: Shim contains a bug that prevents me from installing Debian

Package: shim-signed
Version: 1.38+15.4-7
Severity: important


An update that was introduced with Shim 15.3 and that is also present in Shim 15.4 prevents me and others from installing and running Debian since 10.10 and including 11. I can't even boot the installer on my Fujitsu Lifebook with an InsydeH20 1.18 UEFI (with and without secure boot enabled). I directly get the following error message:

set_second_stage() failed: Invalid Parameter
Something has gone seriously wrong: shim_init() failed: Invalid Parameter

I assume that this behaviour was introduced with this commit (https://github.com/rhboot/shim/commit/018b74d2d69ef35b43b79709f2ea60325f12dde2) and Steve assumes, that it already has been fixed with commit ada7ff69bd8a95614aa63dd618764daf428f235d. This fix should be relatively easy to implement and backport.

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