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Bug#992073: shim-signed: restore arm64 support


On 10-08-2021 19:02, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> As a data point, the Huawei cloud infra where ci.debian.net runs arm64
> workers (for arm*) does use Secure Boot on arm64, and applying security
> updates broke our machines there.

Just a proper follow-up. It seems we were hit by the inappropriate
1.36~1+deb10u1+15.4-5~deb10u1. This was possible because we used
APT::Default-Release "buster" ; which *doesn't* include buster-updates,
so the fixed package was prioritized *below* the broken one by APT.

Upgrading a fresh VM with a fixed APT::Default-Release pulled in the
fixed package from buster-updates and enabled the VM to reboot afterwards.

So, Huawei doesn't seem to force Secure Boot on armd64 after all.


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