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Bug#988056: shim-signed: Fails to install due to missing update-secureboot-policy

Package: shim-signed
Version: 1.34+15.4-2
Severity: serious


Just upgraded shim packages today and then shim-signed was unable to

  Setting up shim-signed:amd64 (1.34+15.4-2) ...
  Installing for x86_64-efi platform.
  Installation finished. No error reported.
  /var/lib/dpkg/info/shim-signed:amd64.postinst: 80: update-secureboot-policy: not found
  dpkg: error processing package shim-signed:amd64 (--configure):
   installed shim-signed:amd64 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 127
  Errors were encountered while processing:

The dependency on shim-signed-common got dropped so the required program
stopped being available:

  ii  shim-helpers-amd64-signed 1+15.4+2                     amd64
  iF  shim-signed:amd64         1.34+15.4-2                  amd64
  ic  shim-signed-common        1.33+15+1533136590.3beb971-7 all
  ii  shim-unsigned             15.4-3                       amd64

Installing the package again by hand, makes it able to proceed.


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