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Re: Where are we with SB? What's missing?


In order to push secure boot forward, as others already did, I tested the secure boot chain on a real hardware, using a Minnowboard Turbot. Everything worked as expected, but I did not try to load unsigned kernel modules.

On 12/16/18 11:50 PM, Hideki Yamane wrote:
 Is there any plan to describe check list and call for testing?

I have compiled the reports that were sent here in the mailing list testing the feature on real hardware, and documented the testing process in a wiki page [1], for those that want to have a try.  You can follow the steps described there, and contribute improving the wiki page and describing the hardware that you tested in the end of the page.

Besides that, what are the current issues/improvements that we need in the code signing service? Are they documented somewhere? I'd like to help on that if it is desired and possible.

Thank you all for the good work that you have been doing!

Kind regards,
Lucas Kanashiro
Collabora Ltd.

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